(Rise your hand if you want help me to creat a platform for the kids and young people to express their skill and interest!!!!!!!)

00.00 1St JANUARY 2020
I’m feeling very disappointed!!..My kids from Sakolah Adat Arus Kualan, my sister Florentini Delly, and my brother Minggua Brandu prepared this performance really well. They are really excited to perform (EVEN DON’T GET PAID) in the program that held by the local Government. But it seems that the organizer is not giving a platform for the kids to perform it (They hire DJ and artis from the city with a high cost).. They came early to the stage, and waited, and waited and waited some more… with their beautiful dress until they are tired of waiting. It’s not only me who felt disappointed but also the parents & elders…..

It makes me so angry that there is… NO PLATFORM for the kids. Why must they hire famous people while there are so many talented children ready to show their skills AND they are local.

I have a dream to make a Sakolah Adat High School and Junior High School. This way there will always be a platform for the kids to develop their skills and interests.

They came early to the stage

And I will make my dream come true.. people who understimate us will see… Selsi, Rafli (is a good dancer & singer), Deli just 18 years old (a verry good Dancer, mussician (Sape player), teacher, modeling), Minggua (verry great missician (he play almost all of the music instrument), & multi talend).. And there still a lot of kids in Sakolah Adat Arus Kualan who really talented!!!

If you want to invite them to perform just let me know….. i’ll show you how great them!!!!

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