1. Sakolah Adat is an informal education, the students will join the Sakolah Adat after the formal school (some of the students do not join the formal school), the Sakolah Adat is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But io the other days, the students also come to read a book, doing a dance practice of their own in Sakolah Adat.
  2. Mostly the learning activities are held outdoor (go to the forest to learn the traditional medicine, cook in the forest by bamboo, and get a vegetable in the forest,also  in the field to play a traditional games, come to the elders house to hear the story and learn about the traditional knowledge)
  3. The learning activities indoor are to learn literacy (read, write, english, coloring), learn  traditional music, dance, and song, make a handcraft and traditonal clothes.
  4. There are two Sakolah Adat Arus Kualan di ketapang regency (in Thak village with 85 students and  Sungibangsi village with 30 students).